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Introduction to the 360° Force for Health Human Series

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Form and Function by illustration

Notice how the skeleton dictates the shape of the body surface and posture. Using original artwork like this is how doctors were taught over the past centuries.  

Artwork by Taylor Lightner. Used with permission. 

High Tech illustration….three dimensional volumetric models for viewing and manipulation on the computer….Welcome to the Force for Health Human. 

This course has a series of lessons that will help you understand the form and function of your body. We will start with the smallest structures and work our way up each of the systems and learn how they function together.In each topic, there will be a short introductory presentation, and an education model kit for each body part that you can use to advance your knowledge and eventually to teach others. The model is called the Force for Health Human. The Force for Health Human is powered in part by BioDigital. The short video below will help you get started with the various tools for manipulating and learning from the software.

Once you complete the lessons of all twelve body systems, you will gain access to each of these tools.

In the course, any images powered by BioDigital can be viewed in 3D from outside and sometimes insides. The video below will orient you on how to navigate and use the tools inside the Force for Health Human. BioDigital that created these tools license all these images and tools. Learn the basics.

It’s Time to Learn It! Then, Earn It.

When you complete the course, you will gain access to a free account that will allow you to explore all the images in this course and many more. In the meantime, explore each section, and also view the other assets such as the VIVA Videos we are using to show how things work.

Learn it    Live it    Share it. Teach    Yourself   First, then be prepared to Teach Others.