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Citizens of the Universe: Rights, Responsibilities, and Opportunities

You will represent the Earth and all of humanity and its cultures and the history of all its people..

You will be advancing the goals of its people. We challenge you to begin to become aware of your past and that of your neighbors and ancestors. Begin to think about what knowledge about people should be understood and shared with future humans about their Earth ancestors.

You will be inhabiting a new planet where there is no government.

Begin to understand the ways people have organized into society and governments. Learn how policies are made, wealth is shared, disputes are resolved, and laws to help people get along and accomplish goals to benefit all. Start thinking about how your team on Mars would be organized.

You will be coming to a place with no pollution or industry.

Lets’s look at the ecological systems on Earth and see what we did right and what we are doing wrong. Think about how what practices we should take to Mars to ensure we can sustain our new culture without destroying our new home.