LEARN It! Challenge 3 of 5
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Learn it: Prevention

Execute and Engage

In this phase, HPAC TEAMS should have a plan in how to engage and execute the plan that has been developed in the previous phase. Here are some tips to help your HPAC TEAM execute your plans:

  • First, create a list of action items that need to take place in order to make your plan take place.
  • Delegate the specific tasks to specific TEAM members, and figure out the target community.
  • Will there be backup plans needed? (For example: if your event is outside, what will you do if there is poor weather?)
  • You will need to have all of the proper permission to execute your event.
  • To have permission, you need all of the certain requirement that needs to be achieved in order to execute.
  • You might or might not need more volunteers depends on how big is your events.
  • Finally, think about how will you capture the moment.