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Key Definition and Terms

AzCHOW: Arizona Community Health Workers Association
ADHS: Arizona Department of Health Services
AzPHA: Arizona Public Health Association
AzPRC: Arizona Prevention Research Center, a CDC-funded research center at the University of
Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
C3 Project: Community Health Worker Core Consensus Project based at the University of Texas
Houston, which produced recommendations for CHW Scope of Practice and Core
CHW: Community Health Worker, a frontline public health worker with a close relationship to
the community served. CHW is a blanket term that encompasses many different health worker
titles, including CHRs and promotor/as.
CHR: Community Health Representative, a community-based health outreach worker in Native
American and Alaska Native communities.
Promotor/a de Salud: Health Promoter, a community-based health outreach worker in
Latino/Hispanic communities.