Can We All Just Paddle in the Same Direction for Health?

Personal responsibility systemic chaos /or/ with coordinated communication and content

We are all paddling and working hard, including the responsible patient.  We are getting tired and finding ourselves not all aiming our plan, program, or patients in the same direction.

Let’s be clear…. I love almost everybody in health care, education, pharmacy, medical device, government,  and insurance.  Most got into the system as good people trying to do the right thing for the patient but are blocked by years of systems that have gradually evolved to make them do a couple things to sustain their jobs or company or practice. The health care profession has turned into a sick care business and is no longer a health care system.


  • Personal responsibility and community supported opportunity and aligned incentives work.
  • Teens and retired seniors are the under-utilized resources with have in health care and community social determinate remediation.
  • Programs with validated content, incentives, aligned objectives, with cross agency communication tools and incentives have worked.
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