Telemedicine Partnership Overview

Expand your high tech telemedicine services to high touch telehealth practices with the Force for Health® Network

Join the Force for Health® Network to expand your services from episodic, acute telemedicine care to more frequent, comprehensive telehealth care with loyal, more engaged patients, as part of the team to yield better outcomes for everybody.

The Force for Health® Network Telemedicine Partnering Overview

The Force for Health Network wishes to improve the quality of the telemedicine experience and the outcomes thereof for patients, families and providers. We are seeking innovative, telemedicine partners looking to partner with to expand out ability to provides resources and tools across the spectrum of need.

The Force for Health Network will provide a complement of services to provide in support of the individual trying to maintain or regain their own health as well as provide a community health context for our telemedicine partner.

The opportunity is to enhance the telemedicine provider brand as it grows from being an acute care episodic provider, to a unique sole source offering of a connected community, practitioners, educators, and empowered patients and families. 

This will better position our Telemedicine partner to meet the challenge of tele health services in the future: client centered wellness and chronic care, and community context and connectedness.

Key Benefits for Participants

  • Practice group patient membership with feed, newsletter, messaging, events, competitions
  • Self health education and engagement as a FFH Ambassador with it
  • Disease specific support groups opportunity
  • Health Risk Assessment and follow up counseling
  • The creation of highly engaging diagnosis related discharge instructions for telemedicine encounters
  • Customize courses, fact sheets snd strategies for self education
  • Move Learn Serve Earn Engagement with incentives program
  • Tools for self help
  • Tools for learning about conditions to help family members
  • Community Health Aid training status privileges to be an informed caretaker/family member
  • Expert tools for private labelled high quality patient education materials on conditions after telemedicine visits
  • Wellness and illness based affinity groups for community support ( similar to “patients like us”)
  • Provider specific virtual practice management subgroups for the provider. It provides a panel of patients for loyalty and long term engagement.
  • Ability to supervise a series of “coaches” in the VirtualGym for revenue and program for rehabilitation for patients.
  • Additional Revenue Sources:
    • Wellness Community solution to offer clients and entire communities in value based care contracts or simply added services offered.
    • Force for Health Ambassador membership recurring monthly subscription for its members at up to $2/month to telemedicine provider per enrolled client or population
    • Chamber of Health Community Portals provided in clients communities, providing tools for providers and patients for referral, and ongoing care by monthly subscription.
    • VirtualGym and Wellness Club with portal for various related activities with telemedicine support.
    • Ongoing Remote Patient Management billing at up to $120/month per enrolled patient billing on top of coach fees.
    • Telemedicine provider for the Force for Health Network with additional clients in partner communities and with other partners, including school nurse, rehab services and customized portals for the telemedicine provider network.