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  • The Alliance brings together forward-looking organizations championing new healthcare models, next-generation workforce training, and emerging technologies to improve health outcomes for communities, families, and individuals. The Alliance advances a whole systems approach for problem-solving and helps members design, prototype, and fund behavioral health solutions. The Alliance is an innovation accelerator enabling the health and wellness ecosystem to thrive.


    VISION: A Whole System Approach to Problem-Solving

    Our vision is for the Southern Arizona health ecosystem to be interconnected, collaborative, and work jointly for maximum efficiency and impact. In the past, a significant effort was made to integrate technologies, patients, doctors, and services inside a healthcare provider’s four walls. Today, public and private organizations must boundary span and transcend silos separating mental, physical, and spiritual health to realize the full benefit of a Whole Connected Healthcare Ecosystem.

    Long-Term Alliance Goals

    • Increase the supply and skills of the behavioral health workforce.

    • Bring in more R&D and grant funding for novel and scalable healthcare solutions.

    • Reduce healthcare disparities in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

    • ·Fully deploy the 988 emergency number to connect people in mental health crises to the appropriate services.

    • Incorporate social determinants into an integrated approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

    • Leverage digital technologies, artificial intelligence, telehealth, and data analytics.

    • Implement new treatments for personal lifestyle skills for behavioral and physical impairments.

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