Sharing Toolkit: Share Project Firstline Infection Control Training Opportunities with Your Colleagues!

We know you are a healthcare worker who cares about infection control.

That’s why we urge you to use your platform – LinkedIn – to ask your fellow doctors, nurses, or other healthcare staff to take an infection control module from Project Firstline, a training and education collaborative designed by the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Read up on Project Firstline and why you should share.
  2. Choose a message.
  • Do you know the latest in infection control action? Earn CE credit and refresh your knowledge on infection control through a variety of short, easy-to-understand modules and activities by CDC’s Project Firstline. #saludfirstline
  • Friends, are you looking to earn CE credit? CDC’s Project Firstline infection control resources are tailored for on-the-go use, designed to be integrated into the workday, and available in Spanish and more languages! #saludfirstline
  • Infection prevention and control is critical for stopping the spread of diseases, such as COVID-19. Earn CE credits through these infection control educational resources by CDC’s Project Firstline! #saludfirstline
  1. Choose a graphic.

CDC Sharing Toolkit

CDC Sharing Toolkit

CDC Sharing Toolkit

  1. Share on LinkedIn by copying/pasting the message and the graphic!

What Now?

When you share, you’re starting a conversation about the importance of infection control training by directing colleagues to the Project Firstline training website.

You can keep the conversation going, too!

Share the stories of Latino infection control heroes – Ricardo Correa, Wanda Montalvo, Anna Valdez, and Marlene Martin. Publicly pledge to take infection prevention and control training yourself through CDC’s Project Firstline.

Get help any time by emailing your Sharing Toolkit Coach, Callie Rainosek, [email protected], of Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio. She and other Salud America! coaches, including Cliff Despres and Alyssa Gonzales, can help with questions.

Thanks again for caring about infection control!


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