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Dr. Robert Gillio, Chief Medical Officer of the Force for Health® Network, offers important invitation to join our efforts to improve Senior health and quality of life.

We are challenging citizens, families and leaders to join our efforts and compete the Reality Health Games Challenge.  

Hi, it’s Dr. Rob Gillio!   Welcome you to Senior FORCE.  I want you to really think about what type of senior you will be and what kind of force for health will you be for yourselves and then for others in your family, and maybe even other seniors. 

I think the opportunity is here to really focus on how you can best participate in your care and be knowledgeable about your conditions, your medications, or your risks, your benefits, your assets, who is there to help you. And… what are the things you really need to watch out for, and participate in your own health, but then think about how you can help others. 

Once you learn how to make lists for going to the doctor, what kind of questions they ask, where to find out information about conditions, and they have the ability to really, understand things and utilize these tools, look at how you can share those tools and those links and those other, such things with others. 

The other part of Senior FORCE is really supporting people, not just medically, but socially.  Make those phone calls, touch base with someone every day, write those letters, find those grandkids, mentor someone with the knowledge you have, keep a journal. 

Hey, and by the way, in Senior Force, there’s little mind games to play. There are exercises to do there’s mindfulness things, be an active member. I want your feedback, in the feed or where it says notes on your portal. You’ll see.

Share it with me, Dr. Rob Gillo. 

Let’s be a strong Force for Seniors and let’s have seniors be a strong force for the rest of us.  We need your wisdom.

We gotta be there for them.

Thank you for being a member of this Senior FORCE. 

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