Just for Parents - Why the Force for Health?

We believe that teens are our biggest untapped asset.
Empowering teens to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN can produce better health & wealth outcomes for themselves, their families and their communities .

What Your Teen can Expect through our Four Pillars of Engagement

  • Feel connected to peers and mentors despite physical distance of no school, home school, or after school challenges
  • Be motivated and empowered to move and earn points for their steps
  • Be supported by and support peers around the world


  • Earn points towards cool prizes and giveaways with each step you take
  • Download our Force for Health GO App and explore your community
  • Each step you take counts towards your community and state totals…and feel better while doing so!


  • Learn about digital health and use multimedia tools for future jobs
  • Increase their own health literacy and the social determinants of health to be more compassionate population health issues that affect different people differently
  • Gain exposure to different careers and pathways to professional


  • Have the pandemic become the contextual learning opportunity of a lifetime and be involved with an important project that is part of the solutions saving lives
  • Advance their study skills, 21st Century skills and STEM knowledge in family and/ or community projects they design and execute.
  • Assist in supporting other efforts to improve the lives of others locally all over the world


  • Earn a Letter of Recommendation for college or job from the medical director
  • Earning opportunity for real world incentives for the family or scholarship
  • Engage each family member with their own FFH membership and become a team working on similar goals and projects together and compete with or support other families worldwide.

360° Human Ambassadors Club

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