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Wendy Wellness Coordinator



My Healthy Awesome School

Why I am a Force for Health® Member...

I care about my team of staff and how we can create an environment to staff and students that makes this a welcoming place where making the healthy decision is the easy decision. The FFH program helps us do that with our coordination tools and the content and challenges.

How I use the Force for Health Network Tools

We are setting a Chamber of Health for those in our school and those nearby to help support us…we invite government, industry, faith, and the university to send representatives. Our campus is augmented with wellness challenges with the FFH GO app with Force Field locations and images that come alive. We enroll all in the FFH Academy as Basic Members for their own wellness planFor those that want to learn or do more, we have an Ambassadors group that helps our committee. They also are taking on IDEAS projects to address barriers our students face. Some of us join the Virtual Wellness Club for personalized coaching for fitness, nutrition, and relaxation. Our Student Council uses this tool as part of its Healthy Fund Raiser and Health Advancer program for our neighbors in the community that buy it.