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Bio and Background
  1. My name is Naab Michael.A student at the University for Development Studies,Tamale,Ghana.I am pursuing a six year Doctor of Medical L aboratory Science(MLS.D).I am also a scholar of Educom.


Why I am a Force for Health® Member...

I am a student at the University for Development Studies.A beneficiary of the educom scholarship program and also an ambassador for the educational communities worldwide( goals for joining this noble platform is to learn more about our health and issues realated with health in order to be a force for health in my community,my country and the world at large.

My inspiration

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah ,the first president of the Republic Of Ghana.What inspires me about him is his resilience and passion of always helping his people to be established on their own in order  to uplift the name of their country.One key thing about Dr. Nkrumah is that he was always selfless and always worked towards what he wanted to achieve….


I'm based in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana,West Africa but hails from Yagzuore a village in the Upper East Region of Ghana,West Africa.The community is a developing village where access to quality education is one of our major challenges.

What would you like people to know about your community?

My community is located in the Upper East Region of Ghana.It is a small town consisting of both labour force and non labour force.The access to quality education is on the major problems in my community.So because of that many youth end up engaging in illegal mining popularly known as “Galamsey”.Because of this many youth also end up moving to the urban centers to to search for greener pastures…………


My Citizenship Health Factors

Some of the factors that have been challenging for me have been...

Some the challenges I encountered include the lack of quality education,lack of health and poor sanitation ….

It's important for me to be part of my community's health because...

It is good for me to get involved in my community health issues because this will go a long to make achieve my dreams of raising the standard of living in my community and also affect the lives of others through health….

Some of the strength of my community health factors are:

My community has a vast land which can facilitate the building of infrastructures such as school’s and hospital.The people in my community are very hospitable, caring and always accept any initiative that will bring improvement into their lives.Tlives.This is something that keeps me in community and the smile a child shows a strange person in the community.

Some of the challenges in my community regarding certain health factors are:

The challenges my people face regarding health  is that the community lacks a health facility which makes it very difficult for them to get access to quality healthcare. Due to this challenge, my people are mostly not educated on certain diseases which makes more prevalent in my community.Such diseases include malaria, cholera and so on.

I believe I can help improve my community's health by...

I believe I can help improve my community’s health by educating them on some of the prevalent diseases in the community and also creating awareness in case there is any outbreak of disease in the community.I can also affect the lives of my community by also building a health facility in my community.This is one of my long term goals but I believe that it will become a reality one day.About the health education,after gaining some years of experience in my program of study in the university thus Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS.D) and with the help of other NGOs I will be more equiped to engage the people in my community about their health concerning such prevalent diseases which includes Malaria,typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera and so on.