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Mother Betty Jones

Bio and Background

My name is Betty Jones and I am a resident of Gretna,FL. I’m an active member of our church where I serve on the Mother’s board as well as President of our choir. I’m also a very active member of our community serving in different capacities and just really love being a servant!

Why I am a Force for Health® Member...

I became a member of this network after participating in and being a member of You Do Matter and Technology and Me. I’m very interested in learning more about what this network has to offer as well.

How I use the Force for Health Network Tools

I haven’t used the tools application much but I’m positive it has all the info I need to become more familiar with this application.

My inspiration

I’m inspired by young people and their willingness to assist in teaching others new and exciting technology and the patience they have with everyone who is willing to learn.


We're based in Gretna,FL. where I consider our community to be a very fine one where there are limited access to a lot of different things as it relates to technology but we strive to be a community of love and service to each other and surrounding communities as well.

What would you like people to know about your community?

I would love for people to know that our community is one where almost every one knows everyone and we’re just the ideal place for happy and joyful living.

My Citizenship Health Factors

Some of the factors that have been challenging for me have been...

One thing that has been challenging for me is my eating habits.

It's important for me to be part of my community's health because...

To be a part of my community’s health is important to me because I have witnessed the health decline of several of our younger citizens and I would love the opportunity to be more advanced in ways to improve health care awareness in our community.

Some of the strength of my community health factors are:

Our community has been involved in some community outreach programs to help reach youths who may have some challenges and different circumstances that’s affected their lives differently. I’m proud to know that our community cares.

Some of the challenges in my community regarding certain health factors are:

Our community is challenged by too many people knowing too little about ways to help improve their health.

I believe I can help improve my community's health by...

By me becoming more aware of healthy living and applying it to my own life is one way that I can help. I believe in leading by example!

Advancing the DREAM

Advancing the DREAM - What it means to me

I am not pleased to say but health care for minorities are far from that of those on the other side of the tracks. It’s not just African Americans but also those who were not born with a silver spoon and sadly it may be another long time coming for equity in health care provisions for minorities to become a reality.

My Action Pledge to Advance the DREAM?

In order to advance the dream I would have to obviously become more knowledgeable as it relates to the modern technology of health care. The advanced tools and services that are provided to our surrounding communities are essential in the progression of our very own community moving forward and embracing healthy living. The more you know, the more you grow!