Ready for Mars?
Marstronauts® is launching in 2023
Marstronauts® is launching in 2023.
Join our mission, community, clubs and teams today!
Recruiting through 10.15.23
All programs launch 10.22.23
Interactive Virtual Classroom with Zoom and local outdoors
Middle School & High School Students interested in Mars and space

Are you curious about learning about working in the space industry?

Join our FREE Marstronauts BASICS community for insider access to challenges, games and content that will help you determine if this is an area that you’d like to explore more.

360° Ambassadors

If you are ready to lean in, learn more, connect with mentors, and really challenge yourself, then join our 360° Ambassadors Program

This Force for Health® Club includes a Marstronaut Ambassadors Journey and badge, unlimited access to 360° Human Tools, a Virtual Wellness Club, personalized assessments, weekly webinars, online community access to mentors, experts and premier giveaways.

This program kicks off June 13, 2023 and space is limited, so reserve your seat today!

Must have access to computer, ipad, phone and internet to participate.


Are you interested in challenging your skills for prizes and recognition in our REALITY HEALTH Games, then join or start a STEAM³ TEAM .

STEAM³ TEAMS are Students Taking Essential Actions & Measures with Social Impact Thought Leaders Engaged in Advocacy that Matters, using the basic principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Mentors & Coaches

Do you have special skills, knowledge, time and desire to help support the development of our future Space Force and Marstronauts?
Join us as a Certified Mentor Today!

Often times, it is the impact of a single mentor to an aspiring individual that can significantly change the trajectory of their pathways and life. This is why connecting high value mentors with our future leaders is such an important component of this Force for Health® program.

Attend a workshop or complete the self-paced Mentor Training Challenge and you will be set to join or start a Marstronaut STEAM³ TEAM and compete in the REALITY HEALTH Games for prizes and recognition.

Must complete training by October 31, 2023 to be eligible for the 2023-2024 Season

Mentors & Coaches
Leaders & Coaches

Are you a a Group Leader or STEAM³ TEAM Coach looking to participate in the Marstronaut Challenge?

We are actively recruiting, training and certifying Group Leaders and STEAM3 TEAM Coaches looking to participate in the 2023 Reality Health Summer Games Challenge. Learn more today!

Mentors & Coaches

Are you a Corporate Citizen, Industry Leader or Social Impact group looking to support the development of a more prepared, resilient and healthy workforce ready for space and Mars? Partner with the FORCE for Health® to help deliver this program to high school students throughout the world.

Let’s face it…not everybody has equal access and opportunities, so we rely on strategic partnerships to help sustain this program and maximize our reach and ultimate impacts for youth interested in space-science based careers.

Become an official sponsor of our 2023 REALITY HEALTH Games by supporting team and player registrations, EARN It! incentives or both.

We will customize the package that best suits your specific needs.

We’d love to help you help support our Marstronaut Teams!

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Mentors & Coaches
Mentors & Coaches
Mentors & Coaches
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