Keeping an Eye Out: 4 Ways to Promote Healthy Vision

For this year’s Healthy Vision Month, the National Eye Institute (NEI) is highlighting the theme of “Healthy Vision: A Family Focus” (“Visión saludable: ojos sanos para su familia”). 

To ensure that everyone gets important eye health information, the NEI is sharing its helpful resources in Spanish – made through transcreation.  

Transcreation is the process of taking a concept in one language and completely recreating it in another language, adjusting the literal translation to align with the cultural context of the intended audience. 

“A successfully transcreated message (either written or visual) evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language, but in a way that resonates with the target audience,” according to 

This helps NEI ensure that its messages are culturally relevant for Latino families, no matter the language, according to the NEI.  

With this in mind, let’s look at 4 ways you can promote healthy vision for all families!  

1. Promote & Share Spanish Resources

Many Latinos struggle when it comes to healthy eye care, including high rates of eye diseases and conditions like diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.  

Lack of education and resources could further contribute to barriers for Latinos.  

However, the NEI provides a multitude of helpful information in Spanish. 

Individuals with vision loss can browse through visual and audio lessons in Spanish, provided by The National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision 

Lessons include guidance for treatment and rehabilitation, handling daily household chores, and using technology daily, among several other topics.  

Each lesson is available in PDF, Microsoft Word, and audio formats.

Browse the Lessons!

2. Reach Out to Younger People

Courtesy of the NEI

The Glaucoma Foundation (TGF), in partnership with the STEM Institute, has launched the “Start with the Young: A Glaucoma Education Pilot Program.”

This initiative is working to raise awareness about glaucoma among Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino teenagers and their parents. 

A virtual information session about the program along with a presentation from guest speaker Dr. Jose Quiroz, STEM Institute Director, has also been provided for individuals interested in learning more about the initiative.  

Watch video here!

3. Spreading the Word on Social Media

You can promote the many educational resources and information created by the NEI through your various social media platforms.  

Share social media graphics and spread the word about Healthy Vision Month. The NEI has also curated captions to share on Facebook and Twitter.  

The NEI also encourages those sharing messages to tag them, (@NationalEyeInstitue) on Facebook and (@NatEyeInstitue) on Twitter.  

Find graphics and captions that focus on caregivers of older adults, caregivers of children, promotion of National Eye Institute’s Spanish resources, and more.  

Social Media Toolkit!

4. Download a ‘Health Equity Report Card’

Vision is just one of the many issues where Latinos face health disparities due to historic, structural, systemic social and health inequities in their communities.  

How can you find out what health inequities are prevalent in your community? How can you contribute to health equity, where everyone has a fair opportunity to be their healthiest? 

Download the Salud America! Health Equity Report Card 

With a report card, you can explore maps, information, and data visualizations that reveal the state of access to food, education, health care, housing, and more in your county, compared to the rest of your state and nation. 

You can then share your results with community leaders and social justice organizations to address health equity issues in at-risk areas! 


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