2021 - 2022 Fit Fiesta Challenge

Fit Fiesta Healthy Challenge & Hybrid Festival Launches October 1 in select markets around the globe with a fun, healthy virtual challenge designed to get participants to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN their way towards, points, badges and recognition…for themselves, their groups and their communities.

The Force for Health® Network is proud to promote Hispanic Heritage Month this fall, and will complete the challenge in the late spring, with National Minority Health Month in April, and National Sports & Fitness Month in May.

This first virtual, International Fit Fiesta Festival and Healthy Community Challenge to be held, with virtual competition kicking off on April 1 and culminating in hybrid community events with key partners in Tucson, AZ and Cleveland, OH.

This MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN is a unique opportunity to participate and learn about healthier behaviors.

Join us for a Healthy Schools, Healthy Workplace and Healthy Family Challenge as we come together as a collaborative community to celebrate life, fitness, and health.

Highlights include a 3 hour FIT FIESTA Jam Stage, featuring ZUMBA, PIYO, and Hip-Hop class demos; a 3-Point Shot Challenge and Dunk Contest, Aim and Accuracy Sports Challenges, How High Do you Fly Contest, AND the 8-Minute MOVE your Blood Hula Hoop Challenge, which will be our Guiness World Record Breaking Challenge Event against Thailand. We need 5,000 hoopers hooping for 8 Minutes straight!

Net proceeds will benefit our participating partners, featuring Tucson Hispanic Chamber Foundation, NOAHH, Comite Mexicano de Cleveland.

Get fit, compete for your community and support a great cause!