Global Prebiotics Week 2021

Having a healthy gut microbiome is essential to good health and has never been more important. Recent research into how our microbiome operates is beginning to show just how important it is, with effects on digestion, immunity, mood, blood sugar metabolism and more. Specifically, a class of food and nutritional ingredients, prebiotics are being shown to play an essential role in this by supporting and feeding friendly bacteria, increasing and producing gut microflora and balancing and optimizing the microbiome. These ingredients can be consumed via foods like green bananas, leeks, raw oats, and through supplements and functional foods like tonics, bars, cookies, powders and more.
Global Prebiotics Week raises awareness of the importance of prebiotics, give people a chance to make healthier food and ingredient choices, and continue to teach about both how our bodies use foods and about the emerging wonders of the microbiome.

To celebrate, people can make gut friendly recipes, learn how the microbiome works, complete a 7 day gut improvement challenge and more.

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Nov 01 - 07 2021


12:00 am - 12:00 am

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