Do You Know the CDC’s New COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations?

The CDC recently announced updated COVID-19 vaccination recommendations.

The update allows people ages 65 and older or immunocompromised to get an additional updated bivalent vaccine dose at least four months after their initial bivalent dose.

“If you’re in this group and have questions about getting an additional COVID-19 vaccine dose, you should consult your healthcare provider,” according to Public Health Communications Collaborative.

Read more about the updated vaccine recommendations and why they matter for Latinos.

The Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations

Other changes made by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices include:

  • Monovalent (original) mRNA COVID-19 vaccines will no longer be recommended for use in the United States.
  • CDC recommends that everyone ages 6 and older receive an updated (bivalent) mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of whether they previously completed their (monovalent) primary series.
  • Individuals ages 6 and older who have already received an updated mRNA vaccine do not need to take any action unless they are 65 years or older or immunocompromised.
  • For young children, multiple doses continue to be recommended and will vary by age, vaccine, and which vaccines were previously received.

“CDC and ACIP will continue to monitor COVID-19 disease levels and vaccine effectiveness in the months ahead and look forward to additional discussion around potential updates this fall,” according to the CDC.

Learn about all CDC COVID-19 vaccine recommendations here.

Why Was There an Update?

Having an additional dose of the updated vaccine would give this group extra protection from getting seriously ill with COVID-19.

“Older adults and people with compromised immune systems are at higher risk for severe COVID-19, and data show that the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines wanes over time,” according to the Public Health Communications Collaborative.

The CDC reports that alternatives to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines remain available for people who cannot or will not receive an mRNA vaccine.

The CDC’s recommendations for use of (monovalent) Novavax or Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccines were not affected by the changes.

Latinos, COVID-19, and Vaccines

As of March of 2023, only 36% of Latinos are fully vaccinated and boosted, a lower percentage than their White (50%) and Black (49%) peers.  

Photo Courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Another 35% of Latinos are fully vaccinated with no boosters, 3% are partially vaccinated and 26% are unvaccinated – a percentage nearly the same as their White and Black peers.

Vaccines are important because of the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Latinos.

“Black and Hispanic adults report higher levels of financial impacts and worry about illness than their White counterparts when it comes to COVID-19 related issues, reflecting the increased burden the pandemic has placed on people of color over the past two years,” according to KFF.

The Biden administration ended the national emergency and public health declarations related to the COVID-19 pandemic on May 11, 2023.

First put into place in 202 by the Trump administration, the declarations allowed for the federal government the flexibility to waive or modify certain requirements in a range of areas, like Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP programs, and in private health insurance.

A complete list of what the end of the declarations entail and what it means can be found here.

The KFF reports that Hispanic adults (33%) and those with lower incomes report possible negative impacts for their families as public health emergency ends.

Helping Latinos Against COVID-19

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