Parkway Physical Therapy: Case 45 The Rotator Cuff

Amy is a 42 year old female. She was playing recreational volleyball over the weekend. While serving she felt a severe pain with an overhand power serve. She is left handed. She denies any previous shoulder injury. She has been sent by her PCP and states her Radiographs were negative. She is concerned that she has a rotator cuff tear. She is concerned because her father had RTC surgery about 25 years ago and has had problems since then.

Amy states that her PCP has placed her on a Prednisone dose pack and this has started to take the edge off. She also states her PCP has told her she could take Ibuprofen with the dose pack.

Amy is very eager to return to Volleyball as her rec league has a weekend long tournament this weekend. She states her team is “counting on her”.

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