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My Healthy Digital Navigator Training

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  1. Introduction to Telehealth:
    5 Topics
  2. Digital Navigation and Health Literacy:
    5 Topics
  3. My Health eDigital Navigators:
    4 Topics
  4. Basic Observation and Communication Skills
    2 Topics
  5. Using Digital Devices in Telehealth
    3 Topics
  6. Support of Telehealth Services:
    5 Topics
  7. Evaluation and Monitoring:
    5 Topics
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When it comes to online health information, it’s important to be able to evaluate the credibility and reliability of the sources. Digital navigators should teach users about the importance of looking for sources that are authored by reputable organizations or experts in the field, and that have been peer-reviewed. They should also teach users about the dangers of relying on information from sources that are not reputable, such as information found on social media or from organizations with a vested interest in promoting certain products or treatments.Searching for health information online: best practices and strategies