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My Healthy Digital Navigator Training

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  1. Introduction to Telehealth:
    5 Topics
  2. Digital Navigation and Health Literacy:
    5 Topics
  3. My Health eDigital Navigators:
    4 Topics
  4. Basic Observation and Communication Skills
    2 Topics
  5. Using Digital Devices in Telehealth
    3 Topics
  6. Support of Telehealth Services:
    5 Topics
  7. Evaluation and Monitoring:
    5 Topics
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Basic Observation and Communication Skills

When you walk into the home, it is important to work on building trust and mutual respect for your client and their families. Observing and assisting with problems is one way. Conversations and showing interest and empathy is another. Asking about and learning about your client and validating their interests is yet another. In this lesson you will be guided with three topic overviews that will help you win and maintain trust so that you can do your job well. Remember, privacy and a bewilderment about the technology or their health condition may be an issue for them. Be patient…and kind and it will work out well.