Identifying your “I” – What’s your TEAM’S chosen Issue?

In this phase, each member of your HPAC group should identify one or two issues that affect the health of some part or a big part of your local community.  HPAC TEAMS should be focused the following steps:

  1. Discuss the options as a TEAM, and conduct some high level research if needed, then vote for the topic that will be the focus point of your HPAC IDEAS Project.
  2. Identify the target audience that you are trying to help
  3. Name the top 3-5 facts about this issue that you want more people to know about
  4. Start doing some homework and building some resources, like:
    • What 3-5 organizations in your community are involved with your topic?
    • Who are 3-5 Community Leads or Experts in your chosen topic?
    • Can you confirm 1-3 experts or mentors that are able to help your HPAC TEAM with this project?
  5. When the HPAC TEAM can answer these questions, please submit your Phase 1 Post and share your Issue with our HPAC Community, by clicking on the big yellow box – Step1 – What’s your “I”?
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