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Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC) introduces students to health related careers while empowering them to address their community’s most pressing health disparities.

  • Build safe-sharing networks that address the SDoH in the community by preparing and supporting Community Champions to self identify the most pressing health concerns in their communities; 
  • Create alliances of community health partners through a combination of technology, HPAC projects and entrepreneurs to improve health from within communities with community members;
  • To increase the number of diverse students interested in pursuing a career in the health professions;
  • To develop and asses the four C’s by practicing creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication;
  • To help students become knowledge workers and for us to remain competitive as a nation by practicing Wagner’s 21st Century Skills.

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Welcome and Overview
Phase 1 - Identifying your Issue
Phase 2 - Developing and Designing a Plan
Phase 3 - Executing and Engaging the Community
Phase 4 - Assessing and Analyzing the Results
Phase 5 - Socialize, Share and Scale
Wrap Up and Feedback

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