COVID FOrce BASIC Challenge

Avatar coachlucy · January 11, 2021

Your job in this challenge is to understand your role in helping the world’s experts get us back to health and wealth opportunities for all.

Understand this short poem, and stay home to reduce your risks.

Leave space,

Cover your face,

Wash Your Hands,

Make less demands.

Vaccinate then


Watch these one-minute videos and understand what is needed. Then decide and pledge to take these actions whenever you can.  They all will reduce the spread of the virus and your action truly may have saved a life.

Leave Space

  • If you can, stay in your own home or pod.  If you need to interact, do it from a distance. Recommendations are atleast 6 feet and more if you can.  The germs spread through the air, so the greater the distance, the more fresh air, and the least amount of time all reduce risk of spread.

Cover your face

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth and fits snugly to avoid you sharing your germs with others and to reduce others droplets with germs getting to your insides.
  • Your face has the places the virus enters your body.  Anywhere that is pink is called mucosa and it is an easy place for the virus to penetrate.  Touching your eyes, nose or mouth with hands that may have the virus on them, is how it can spread to you.

Wash your hands

  • Your hands are always exposed to germs  on surfaces, when you use the bathroom, when you touch your face, or when you touch dirty surfaces or other people.  Frequent hand washing, before or after a potential exposure is suggested with soapy water or hand sanitizer.

Make less demands

  • Folks are all under stress. Try to find ways to make their life easier and be patient and kind.


  • We are so lucky to have vaccines that work. It is the way to get to a herd effect disappearance of the virus, without thousands people dying.
  • When its your turn, get vaccinated and help others get theirs.


  • There is lots of education and support that is needed to make this work.  Do your part with being the role model for the above activities, and also spread the word and facilitate these behaviors with any skills you have. Writing, art, music, driving someone, singing, preaching and teaching

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