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dr-rob January 11, 2021

Understanding the Basics

Stay Well.   Do Good.    Be Kind. 

  • That is the basic message in the COVID FORCE. 
  • We are all understand stress so we need to be aware and care about others. We need to do good things to help others. 
  • But if we are sick, it is hard to do anything and we could possibly even become a burden on others.  We must study how to stay well and then do it. 

This picture says it all.  We challenge you to find 4 ways they are minimizing the amount of virus in the air they breathe. 

The Basics to Stay well are to reduce the number of virus’s you encounter and breathe in or touch to your insides line the eyes, nose, and mouth.   Always ask…How can decrease the number of virus’s I encounter. Here is what helps. 

  • Keep your distance and minimize time near others. 
  • Wear a Mask that fits well, even in doors. 
  • Optimize the amount of air circulating in an area to dilute the number of germs in any breath you might take.   Notice the open window, window fan, and stove hood exhaust fan running. They are wearing a sweater and hat indoors here to be comfortable.  Its a health issue, not a fashion statement!
  • Hand washing soap is there by the sink. 

Take 5 minutes to learn more about infections and how this expert keeps up to date. Listen as Dr. Rob discusses:

  • What is an infection?
  • How does it spread?
  • How is it treated

Learn about some pandemics in history. Click on the picture below for a link to a good summary.

MYTH BUSTERS. Click on the picture below to link to a great explanatory web page

Recommended Resources

These are some of Dr. Rob’s go to resources because they are developed and peer reviewed by research, clinical, and  public health experts.

 Click on the logo’s below to go to their web site.  I trust these sites and am proud to use them as resources for my work. 

I am showing these logos here solely for the purpose of linking you to their web and other resources.  Use of them here should not be construed as official partnership or endorsement.   You are encouraged to get familiar with these resources but be prepared that there are thousands of pages. For this reason, much of what we share in the Force for Health Journey’s and web pages, is distilled to be information most useful to the audience taking the Journey or Challenge, and we research that it is consistent with the content from these sources.  They are quoted specifically when used and web page sources are citied.