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dr-rob January 11, 2021



Learn it

  1.    Learn it
  • Speech and cough in infected people have  droplets with virus that can spread atl east 6 ft and can stay in the air. You get sick by breathing them in or touching your nose, mouth or eyes with viruses on your hands. 
  • Listen and watch as Dr Rob shares his thoughts on masks and helps explain so practical tips. 
  1.   Cool animation to learn the hot facts. 

Scroll through, watch, and read this New York Times animation of how masks work.  You may be surprised at what is the most effective way to trap the tiny virus particles. 

  • Listen as Dr. Rob discusses important tips about
  • Choosing a mask
  • Wearing a mask
  • Taking off the mask
  • Cleaning and reusing or disposing of the mask

Live it


   Live it

  • It has been shown that the N95 is the best one to use, but we are saving those for front line essential and health care workers that are getting a lot of exposure.
  • Double masking with multiple layers or ones with replaceable filters are a good alternative
  • Don’t touch the front of the mask
  • Be sure it fits tightly over your nose and under the chin. 

Making masks can be fun and makes people smile and keeps the air you and others breathe with less viruses.  Mask making can also be a great service or business activity. 

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