LEARN It! Challenge 7 of 7
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dr-rob January 11, 2021


Learn It

  Learn it:  Being a role model for the above behaviors is the most effective way to influence others nearby.  In the Force for Health, as an Ambassador or Intern you will learn how to use many online multimedia, social media, and publishing tools. 

            Understand what is the situation in your region with national sites and local sites and news.  Here is an up to data data tracker where you can look by region in the USA


or Internationally

https://www.who.i.    fix this link rob

Live It

    Start now with your behavior and talk to people when you can to MAKE IT COOL TO DO THE HEALTHY THING.

Share It

Use your social media skills to share some of these resources such as these posters and help recruit more members to the become a Force for Health.   

Download any of these posters and print them.

Download the F4H GO app and start show people how some of these posters can be instantly translated.

Tell your stories here of lessons learned and successes achieved.

                        Input into a form for testimonials.

ADVOCATE EXAMPLES from Lampeter Strasburg High School from May 2021





or in vimeo