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A Republic – 1.0 Introduction

“This land is your land, this land is my land

From  California to the New York Island,

From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters,

This Land was made for you and me”

        Woody Guthrie, This Land is Your Land

It all started innocently enough with a question no one could answer.  The question is, “What is citizenship?”  That led me to search for an answer to that question.  Then a program to help people do the job I discovered is theirs to do.  And they better do it, as the history of democracy shows that if they don’t do it the democracy goes away. Then it’s back to dictatorship.  Not a great choice – and it isn’t slow.  It isn’t necessarily something that will happen after you die.  It could happen tomorrow or next year.  History shows you don’t know when.  So you had better get busy if you want to be safe and for sure if you want a good life for your children.

The fact is that society is good.  Society is a blessing.  Civilization brings better learning to help us live better, better medicine to help us live longer, better culture to help us enjoy our world more, etc.  Government, however, is a necessary evil.  Society is produced by our wants; government is required by our wickedness.  The first exists to give us gifts, the other to punish us. As Madison said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary”.  So the more you can govern yourselves responsibly, the better off you are.

The idea of this country is that you can bring out your angelic side a little bit more, or at least make ourselves aware of it so that we can get more gifts and less punishment.  You can grow up a little and run your own affairs.  For after all is said and done, it is up to each of you.  Democracy is just about humanity growing up.  But you do not come ready to go.  Like any new worker you have to be trained to do your job.  Right now there is not much of that going on.  That’s why you & I are getting the kind of politicians you see.  As JFK said, “the people will get the kind of government they demand – and deserve”.  It is all your and my fault – really!  The question is -what are you going to do about it?  This book will suggest some easy, quick and doable solutions.

Here you are the rulers of your country and no one ever told you what that means.  What are you supposed to do?  What is your job in this deal?  Do you just stand by and let things happen?  That is what most of you are doing right now.  What if you owned a McDonalds and did that?  Only went there to check on the place every two years?  Let someone else pick your manager?  Didn’t know if they skimmed a little off the top.  Didn’t care if they gave away freebies to all their friends.  How long do you suppose you would stay in business?  What if you owned a pro sports team and just let it run by itself.  You didn’t check on the coach’s background before you hired him. Didn’t care much about how much money they paid the players and themselves. Didn’t care if the players got into trouble with the law now and then.  How do you think your team would do?

Yet isn’t that pretty much what is happening here and now in this country?