A Republic, if you WILL keep it.

This program seeks to improve the citizenship awareness and involvement of Americans and other democratic citizens. The You the PEOPLE program trains citizens to use a small group process to improve their skills and capabilities and run their communities in partnership with their government.

They learn how to interact with their government regularly, rationally and responsibly and be an informed partner with that government. The civic education program is in over 2000 high schools around the USA.

In 2000 the Russian Federation was searching for a way to educate their people to use this new system called democracy. Their analysis showed it was more than a form of government and needed to be taught as a way of life to their people before it would work for them. They chose You the People with its 7 skills approach as the right way to go.

Specialties: COL, USA (Ret), extensive management experience up to and including large government programs, retail business, and non-profit organizations. 

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