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    30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

    Are you looking to cultivate more mindfulness, positivity, and well-being in your daily life? Join our challenge to take small but meaningful steps towards greater…
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    First Aid

    Very basic first aid, written with Olivia Marker.
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    This course will teach you what resiliency is, how to identify protective factors and signs of stress, how to manage that stress, and how to…
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    Resiliency 101 – Be Prepared

    This FREE LEARN It! Challenge is part of the Reality Health Challenge produced and owned by the Force for Health® Network based on information cited…
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    Street Smarts

    Unfortunately, we are reminded too often how disaster can strike at any time from a variety of reasons outside our control. What if it happened to you?  Would you know what to do if someone was bleeding or stuck under rubble and needed your help? This 8 part Learn It! Challenge will take less than 30 minutes of your time, and will help you be more confident should you ever find yourself in a situation that requires you to be the first responder. This is a FREE challenge, but you will need to be logged in to earn your Street Smarts BASICS badge and 240 LEARN It! Points.
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    Stress – Know the Signs

    Learning Objectives: Stress manifests in different ways and to different degrees in people. The learner will learn common things that professionals look for and then…