Are you looking to cultivate more mindfulness, positivity, and well-being in your daily life? Join our challenge to take small but meaningful steps towards greater well-being and self-care.

Over the course of 30 days, we’ll provide you with daily prompts and activities to help you engage in acts of kindness, gratitude, relaxation, and self-reflection. From buying a colleague a coffee to practicing mindful breathing, completing yoga poses, and soaking in a warm bath, each prompt will offer a simple yet effective way to promote greater well-being and mindfulness.

By completing all 30 prompts and reflecting on your experiences, you’ll be eligible for our Mindful Moments Master Badge and a chance to win a Fit Friday prize giveaway during the Summer Reality Health Games.

Join us in cultivating greater mindfulness and well-being, one mindful moment at a time. Sign up today and let’s get started on this journey towards greater self-care and positivity!

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My Healthy Globe, Inc. is a technology based media group focused on customizing population health solutions for communities that care.

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