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CV19 101 – Protecting My Family

Learn it: MAKE A HEALTHY ZONE.. Picture YOU in charge of a ForceField™ at your home.

No one comes near you home and loved ones, unless some thought goes into appropriate ways to interact. 

If they are sick, or have known exposures, they are not invited or welcome in person.

STEM taught you about technology.  Use the phone, Skype, FaceTime, What Ap, Zoom or other means to visit.

People continue their personal ForceField behaviors in the house….hand washing, avoid facial touches, cover my cough, and if sick, keep a distance from others.

The Healthy Zone also needs its surfaces wiped down with disinfectant cleaners daily.

In case we are exposed or ill, we need to have supplies or a supplier to provide us with 2 weeks of food, medications, and supplies.

If we are sick or exposed, the sick or exposed person needs to self isolate further into their own room using their own bathroom and utensils and laundry if possible.