CDC’s Project Firstline Launches Spanish Language Infection Control Micro-Learns!

CDC’s Project Firstline knows that healthcare workers are short on time, but it shouldn’t limit their access to practical and valuable infection control training.

That’s why CDC Project Firstline developed Infection Control Micro-Learns – a series of guided infection control discussions that can be easily incorporated into team meetings or huddles facilitated by an experienced team member with infection control expertise.

These short and easy-to-understand learning opportunities can help healthcare workers recognize and minimize infection control risks to protect themselves, coworkers, and patients from infectious diseases.

Now, the Infection Control Micro-Learns are available in Spanish as well!

Explore the Infection Control Micro-Learns on Blood and Rashes in Spanish, with additional micro-learns coming soon.

How to Use Infection Control Micro-Learns

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If you’re having trouble finding infection control training to fit your team’s needs, CDC’s Project Firstline has you covered!

The infection control micro-learns were created to be incorporated into existing opportunities where groups of healthcare workers gather, such as pre-shift “huddles” or team meetings.

Each micro-learn topic includes a ready-to-use user guide, discussion guide, and job aid, making it easy for healthcare leaders to fit infection control training into their busy schedules.

Considerations for how or when to use micro-learn trainings:

  • When a facility is experiencing an outbreak of a pathogen that is easily spread in healthcare, such as Clostridioides difficile (also known as C. diff).
  • During a major health event or celebration, such as Patient Safety Awareness Week, Hepatitis Awareness Month, or International Infection Prevention Week.
  • To address an infection risk that is specific to a facility or unit, such as when an accidental needlestick occurs or if healthcare workers do not use appropriate PPE during interactions with patients.
  • When there are issues or concerns at the community level, such as an increase in the spread of respiratory diseases.
  • In response to a recent citation for failure to adhere to proper infection control protocols.

Project Firstline encourages healthcare leaders to use these free and customizable infection control training resources that have been developed to meet the specific needs and learning preferences of the healthcare workforce.

Download and share the micro-learns currently available to educate your team of healthcare workers today and stay tuned for more topics in the coming months!

What Can You Do to Promote Infection Control in Your Healthcare Setting?

Help keep yourself, your colleagues, and your patients safe from infectious disease threats by building on your infection control knowledge!

To show your dedication, sign this pledge to complete an infection control training or activity through CDC’s Project Firstline!

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You can also share infection control training opportunities with healthcare colleagues via LinkedIn with our Project Firstline social media toolkit.

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You can access more information about infection prevention and control in healthcare by visiting resources from CDC Project Firstline.

Salud America! at UT Health San Antonio is working with the National Hispanic Medical Association to bring Project Firstline infection control educational content to healthcare workers, so they are equipped with the knowledge they need to protect themselves, their facilities, and their patients (Latinos and all communities) from infectious disease threats in healthcare settings.

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Editor’s Note: This article is part of a collaboration between Salud America!, the National Hispanic Medical Association, and the CDC’s Project Firstline. To find resources training materials, and other tools to bolster knowledge and practice of infection control, visit Project Firstline and view Salud America!’s infection control content.

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