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    This is not homework or an assignment.  This is where you start to join the real health care and community team to help your neighbors. This is the place to earn your BASIC COVID FORCE badge. It is a series of 7 videos, and will take you about 30 minutes total. We are asking all Force for Health members to take this journey.  We need your help. Appropriate for all ages 13 and up.  
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    VIVA – Video Challenge Journey

    VIVA initially was created to train aboriginal Australians with low reading and health literacy, to understand conditions that may be affecting them or their families.…
  • 11 LEARN It! Challenges

    African American History BASICS

    In this journey, we will visit major milestones that have occurred over the last 400 years, when the slavery ships first arrived in the US and better understand why me must continue to improve equity and opportunity for all.

  • 11 LEARN It! Challenges

    Social Determinants of Health

    Written with Olivia Marker.