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Last Name

Torres MD, MBA.





My Healthy Florida™

Professional Title

State Co-Director (Director of Business Development)

Bio and Background

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, and educated in Grenada and the United States, Dr. Val Torres is 2nd generation Caribbean-born of Portuguese and Spanish descent. He graduated from St. Mary’s College, (Trinidad) with an associate’s degree equivalent and was admitted to St. George’s University School of Medicine (Grenada) on a full-ride scholarship. He has no bachelor’s degree, as he’s never needed one. After graduating with his Medical Doctorate and MBA, he chose an unconventional career path and opted out of clinical medicine, in favor of making a name for himself in the world of business.Growing up, his parents instilled in him a sense of civic duty. He had a responsibility to the community that he grew up in. And it was incumbent on him to give back. Currently, he does so, in several leadership roles including:1. State Co-Director (Director of Business Development) at The Force for Health® Network’s My Healthy Florida™; a physician-led Chamber of Health™ System serving the entire State of Florida, focusing on improving health outcomes for Floridians, and reducing barriers of access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.2. President & CEO at Armada BusinessMD, a business consulting and financial services company that focuses on Health & Wealth Equity Programs through debt elimination, and financial education.3. Co-Leader at The Tampa Bay Florida Chapter of The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE); a not-for-profit, global, open biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship network.4. Advisor to The Latino Leadership Institute’s Business Accelerator Program (The Latino Entrepreneur Access Program), to the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign, and to Florida International University’s (FIU) Executive Women of Influence Program.His community is his family, and his family comes first! As President & CEO at Armada BusinessMD, and through all of his partnerships, Dr. Val Torres is reducing disparities in healthcare, housing, education, and economics in underserved communities. Especially in the Hispanic community! He’s absolutely living his best life! He’s doing what he loves! He’s living his passion for bringing opportunity to those who’ve been historically disenfranchised! He measures his success by the social and generational impact that he’s created for others! And he’s extremely proud of the life that he’s created for himself while doing so!