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Welcome to the Force for Health!

You have pledged to try to make healthy choices and help others do the same.
If you are not healthy, its hard to help others. 
You have begun your journey and are on the path to becoming a health literate asset for yourself, friends, family, and entire community.  Follow the steps below to get started...


Learn about what decisions you can improve and get smarter about the topic

Take our Basic Health Assessment to identify the areas of your health to focus on.

Increase your health literacy using the Force for Health Academy.


Put a plan in place by using what you've learned to improve your health

Create a goal based of your health needs and take a month to track how you do trying to achieve it. Once you're done, set another goal and stick to it!

Form a TEAM to identify a community health problem and implement a solution!


Find ways to use your success to help others

The best way to Share it is to be a role model for others.  You have more impact on others than you may think.

  As you make the healthiest decision you can make, your action may be just the thing that helps others do the same.


Help those that are doing good work to help others in the community

When others such as Force for Health members or other health promotional programs are in your community, support their efforts. Be a Force for Health by spreading the word and pitching in to help or support their effort.


Feel proud and earn your own self-respect; Other rewards will then follow

Although becoming healthier and helping your community are rewards in their own right, with the Force for Health you can also earn points, badges, coupons, and other incentives for yourself and your organizations.

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