Marstronaut STEAM TEAM

Mars…the red planet, our nearest neighbor beyond the moon, and our next human exploration destination

Introducing the Marstronaut…the astronaut profession for scientists and explorers of the planet Mars and beyond . JOIN THE STEAM TEAM of Students Taking Extraordinary Actions and Measures using their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math skills to make Earth better and to begin to train for the Mars astronaut team. It is possible it could include you.

These are resilient problem solvers and team members, that will be able to represent the best of humanity with getting along, and quality work in communications, the humanities and sciences.

 Begin your “Pathways to Professional” exploration and service to humankind.

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Crisis Management:

We on Earth are in a planet-wide pandemic.  Our first task will be to be STEAM Team members

Personal Health Optimization:

You must be active and fit, with good range of motion, and healthy eating habits. You will be able to assess yourself, make a plan, and use real time trackers for your own use, and for friendly competition with your colleagues or use your “sweat equity” to earn point, badges, and dollars for yourself, your team, or your causes.

Cognitive Skills Improvement and Resiliency:

You must be able to understand basic science, technology, engineering, arts, and math concepts and use problem solving critical thinking skills to perform mission duties and to deal with any crisis that arises.

Social and Emotional Status Optimization:

You must be kind and inclusive. You will need to work with other people and cultures over long periods of time in isolation, close quarters, and in stressful situations.  You will learn about cultures, historic structural racism, bullying, kindness, and support techniques.

You will learn techniques of mindfulness for relaxation, passion, and motivation. You will gain a deeper understanding of your faith and those of fellow occupants of the Earth.

Space Science:

The history of astronomy, astronavigation, GPS, planetary science, physical principals, earth science, ecology, will be employed as challenges such as space suit design, rocketry, and sustainable food in outer space are explored with subject matter experts, and potentially field trips, and lab experiments.

Dual Use:

When we consider a project as a team and come up with an IDEAS project, we will focus on the use in space or Mars exploration, but also the relevance to immediate use on Earth to help others.


First you focus on yourself and your safety, then your wellness plan using the private parts of the FFH portal and apps.



Together we will have ongoing webinars and content that is relevant to all of us.

Then you organize into teams and start to develop your own IDEAS projects. These can be used to participate in the Scholars Day competition and convention each spring.

You will be guided with courses and learn to use project management tools to :

  • Identify an issue.
  • Design a solution to try.
  • Enact that solution and test in out in the lab or with the community.
  • Assess the outcomes and
  • Share what works and what doesn’t with others.



As a community of learners, we will work together to share ideas across our club, and where appropriate, also our community.  We may lobby for policies and funding for space exploration or may choose to use the tools in our portal to raise funds for our own projects and research.



  • “Working on ME”. Using a ME.  WE.  US  approach  to MOVE LEARN SERVE AND EARN

MARCH 2021

  • WE begins with TEAM formation and discussions regarding our interests
  • Create our IDEAS projects and prepare to launch, do, and/or share them

APRIL 2021

  • Convene with all of US including invited guests to see our work,  recruit more advisors, and members.

May-August  2021

  • Recruit and train leaders and expand the Force for Health Marstronaut Force preparing for the 2021-2022 academic year.

September -November  2021

  • Mission 2 Launches

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