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What Health Equity Means to CHW’s

rachel-kim November 15, 2018


As you will soon learn, many social determinants adversely affect people's ability to be as healthy as possible. Community health workers are not expected to, nor are we going to be able to solve all the problems that our communities may be facing.

However, CHWs will be one of many solutions to help pull our society towards achieving health equity by acting as healthcare translators, connecting clients to useful resources, identifying unique problems of the client(s) and coming up with practical and creative solutions, providing health education, check-ups, and more.

In the world that is becoming increasingly globalized, it is getting easier to help people gain access to useful information on opportunities that they could have missed due to lack of awareness. We cannot move the entire rural population to suburban or metropolitan areas with more jobs, transportation, and healthcare available, or build hospitals where there are high demands, but we can bridge some gaps between opportunities for health and inability to reach for those opportunities.

We have the power to give companionship to people in need.