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What is a TEAM Mentor’s role?

ehannan July 30, 2018

As a TEAM Mentor, you will serve as resource for local Force for Health TEAMS and act as a liaison between the Force for Health local staff and TEAMS. You will also play a role in developing planning, organization, communication, and health-specific skills, so keep that in mind as you interact with TEAM members. 

Depending on the type of TEAM with which you work, your role as a mentor will differ. You can expect to work the most intensively with student-run groups, and as a standby resource for other local TEAMS who are more likely to have experience in facilitating projects and discussions. Most of this course will focus specifically on working with high-school age students and younger, but keep in mind that these tips could be useful working with other types of TEAMS as well.

It is important to note that each team will have a TEAM Leader that is responsible for organizing and facilitating TEAM meetings and activities. As a mentor, you are not to assume the role of TEAM Leader, but rather as a resource that is available to assist TEAMS and their Leaders on a consistent or as-needed basis. It is recommended that TEAM Mentors also take the online TEAM Leader course. 

A Mentor IS

A Mentor IS NOT

  • Available to answer questions
  • Expected to push TEAM members to meet their goals
  • A resource to help TEAMS overcome roadblocks and problem-solve
  • check
    Knowledgeable about health topics and the community
  • check
    Able to guide TEAM members through the Force for Health models
  • check
     A role model in healthy behavior and project execution for TEAM members
  • The director of a TEAM or a TEAM's project
  • A critic of a TEAM's progress or work
  • The primary problem-solver of the TEAM
  • The most active member at a TEAM meeting