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Be a Role Model!

ehannan July 30, 2018

Remember that you are setting an example in professionalism for Force for Health TEAMS, regardless of the age group with which you work. To be a role model of a successful individual Force for Health, make sure you follow these guidelines each meeting.

  • Show up to EVERY meeting. Even though you aren't working directly on a project with the TEAMS, you have still made a commitment. By keeping your commitment and showing up on time to every meeting, you set the expectation that all TEAM members do the same. Encourage TEAMS to schedule meetings and activities as far in advanced as possible, and double check your schedule before you commit to show up to any event.
  • Be prepared. If you were asked to do something in time for a meeting, make sure it is done thoroughly. Setting this example will encourage continual progress as your TEAM implements their projects.
  • Stay focused. It's important that the TEAM experience is fun and that members are able to get excited, but it's also important that meetings are productive. Keep all of your contributions to the meeting as focused as possible.