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Planning a Force for Health meeting

ehannan August 9, 2018

The purpose of activities at regular force for health meetings should allow members to learn more about how to identify and address the health needs of themselves, their families, and their communities. Team activities should allow team members to actively engage with new information and provide members with skills that they can use outside of the team setting. Activities can be done during regular meetings in addition to planning for long-term projects. Team leaders can be solely responsible for planning weekly meetings, or it can be a responsibility that is rotated among individual or groups of team members.

When planning activities for regular team meetings, consider the following:

  • What health topic is being addressed? Why is it important that the members of our team have a working knowledge of this subject?
  • How do we want to address this issue? How does our team best respond to new information (consider age group and setting)?
  • What resources do we have available to us on the topics? Is there information that is accessible on the internet? Are we able to contact any Subject Matter Experts (SME)?