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Leading an Interactive Discussion

ehannan August 9, 2018

Quick Tips


    • Have the topic in mind - write in a high, visible location to maintain focus

    • Consider the objectives of the discussion - brainstorming outcomes will help you form your discussion

      • What do you hope to accomplish?

      • Is there a learning objective?

      • How much input do you want on the subject matter?

    • Find a way to relate the discussion to your participants’ lives

      • Address topics that are open-minded

      • Discuss things that may have multiple approaches

    • Consider doing an exercise with participants before you have a discussion

      • This allows for ideas to flow without the pressure of speaking

Be Able to Facilitate

    • Summarize participants’ responses so that the group can better understand

    • Invite people to address one another

    • Take notes on the board that include main points

    • Review main ideas, summary of the discussion, and conclusions

Make a Safe Environment for the Discussion

    • Use names of participants to personalize the climate

    • Arrange the discussion in a circle, if possible

      • This allows for eye-contact and direct verbal communication

    • Help participants find the answers themselves by asking them additional questions

    • Clear up conflict before it develops

      • Clarify the root issue

      • Find a safe ground

Evaluate - Post-Discussion

    • What can you take away from the conversation?

    • How can you move forward?