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Introduction to Nutrition

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Nutrition is the science of food as it relates to health.

Food is composed of nutrients and there are two kinds of nutrients:

  1. Macronutrients: Macronutrients are needed in large supply for the body to produce energy to function and grow. Water, carbohydrates, proteins and fats are examples of macronutrients. 
  2. Micronutrients: The body needs just small amounts of the micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, to produce and use energy. 

While it is important to eat a healthy diet, it isn’t always easy to do. Your body will do the best it can with the nutrients that you provide for it. You are what you eat! What do you want your body and life to be?

Eating ALL foods in moderation and in balance promotes good health. Healthy eating involves knowing what to eat and when to say, “Enough!” 


  • Healthy, balanced eating habits provide nutrients to your body.
  • Overweight individuals are more at risk for health problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer. 
  • Eating too much or too little of foods that provide important nutrients can contribute to poor health as well.