COVID CORPS: Prevention

Attention Members... we are recruiting all members to help the health care team now. Earn your Prevention Specialist Badge and be eligible for awards and to join the COVID CLINICAL STEAM TEAM    

Avatar dr-rob · November 19, 2020


  • Learn the basics to help reduce the spread of the virus or other infections to oneself, friends, family and community
  • Be able to demonstrate the skills required to mask up, have clean hands, socially distance, and improve ventilation
  • Participate in amplifying the message with role modelling and social and other media activities.

Time to allot: Total of 2.5 hour over 15  – 10 minute challenges

Each topic is broken up into Learn it, Live it, and Share it segments for the Basic Member to Understand the concepts, develop the skills and use them, and role model the skills in person or online with others.

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