2020 Virtual STEAM² Camp Challenge – 4 Week Camp

This 4 week innovative program, powered by You Do Matter, a Force for Health™ powered Virtual STEAM² Camp, offers fun-filled project based learning with incentives for rising 4th through 12th grade students. 

Each week, STEAM campers jump into action, participating in exciting STEAM projects, Becoming a Force for Health, advocacy literacy with technology, advancing your health literacy, community resiliency and concluding with their own invention or final IDEAS project to be presented to their community as their final project. 

Our campers have the opportunity to expand their horizons during the summer, embarking on new adventures, and having fun!  Our exceptional program and dedicated staff create an environment that forges lifelong friendships among our campers. We create a summer experience which us both history making and unforgettable!

It all starts with our outstanding certified STEAM Instructors.

A camp is only as good as its staff, and we are extremely proud of ours. 

Talent, creativity, love of children, leadership and devotion make our STEAM instructors the heart and soul of our program. ADVANCE the DREAM STEAM Summer Camp  gives you choices. 

Camp includes five days of activities, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  This is a four (4) week program. Our cost to you is only $62 a week for a total of $249 for the entire 4 week program.

Josh Williams Josh Williams · July 6, 2020

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