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Chamber Nation has built the most amazing chamber support center ever. It was created to assist chambers who are looking to dramatically expand their membership services and value to help grow and retain membership.


Key Benefits - Chamber Management System

Support Center For Chamber of Commerce Staff

Member Management System

Membership Billing

Broadcast Messaging


Event Registration

Booth Choice and Registration

Track Member Touches with built in CRM

Project and Committee Management


Tiered Membership 

A Membership Management System & Database

INTEGRATED AD NETWORK You can easily start a Chamber Tiered Membership plan level with specific banner advertising locations alone. The banner management is included in the Chamber Nation system.​
LOCAL VENDOR MARKETPLACE Learn what your local members can provide that could bring special value and income to the Chamber of Commerce. We can help you configure these services into your Chamber Nation system for hassle free accounting automation.
If it meets your member value and revenue model targets, then it can be added to your Tiered Membership automation.
All Community Calendar
Your program includes a syndicated calendar system so you can automate and publish a central calendar for your entire community.

An Amazing Way to Organize Community Event Publishing, Automatically!

"Now there is a way for the Chamber to provide calendar code to all of the organizations within their community. Once code is added to their own websites, the calendar only shows their events as they would expect. However, it also automatically includes those events on the community calendar and mobile applications."
Drip Marketing
​Our Drip Marketing System is the best way to keep your members engaged with your organization. Drip Marketing campaigns are basically a set of emails on a timeline. When an event occurs for a member (such as signing up or renewing) the member will automatically start their Drip Marketing Campaign. It also works for other triggers like when a prospect is interested in learning about membership.
CRM/Member Prospecting
​The CRM System is used to track your contact (interaction) with members and prospects. With this tool, you can record your emails, visits, and phone calls with your members and prospects. You can also report on these contacts.

It is also helpful for recording historical data (membership plan history, committees previously served on, etc.).
Board Member Reporting
​Program includes a fully automated Board Member report designed to save hours of work each month.
With a single click you will see output that is sure to impress your board. We are told this saves our customers 2 to 3 hours of time and effort.
Social Media Multipost Feature
​In several locations in the MMS, you will see links labeled 'multipost' or 'mpost'. This is a link to the Multipost feature. Multipost allows to you create a single post, and then post it to multiple social networks in one step. Multipost currently allows posting to the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and the MMS' internal member social network. We are working on adding other social networks to this list.
Banner Ad Manager
​The Banner Ad Manager module has been tiered into separate ad-levels for your convenience. These include Platinum Ads, Gold Ads, Silver Ads, Broadcast Message Sponsor, and Scrolling Banners. ​
Category Specific Ads
​There is an additional option in “Category Specific, Top of member directory search results”. After placing the ad you will be given the option to associate the ad with a category search. For example a Doctor can have advertising at the top of the medical category, and a restaurant can have an ad at the top of the dining category.
Donation Automation
​If your organization takes donations, whether they are monetary or material, you can manage both with the Donations and Wish List Module.
Donations If you already have an Online Payment Gateway such as PayPal or set up, you can take advantage of the monetary donations module right now!
​Wish List If your organization is looking for specific items, you can add them to your Wish List.​
Month-to-Month Services Agreement
​We believe in earning our customer’s business and not contracting them into it. For this reason all of our agreements are month-to-month and offer a 100% money back guarantee to all new customers.
Local Backup System
​Our company believes in transparency and full accountability. We know that your data is your data and we provide you with tools to make that data very safe. Not only do we backup the data from our server arrays on a rapid and regular bases, but we also provide you with a module that makes it easy to backup all of your data from our server arrays to your local hard drive.
Website Automation
​The Chamber Nation philosophy is that our customers will not be limited by creativity, or the limitations on their skills to accomplish a vision. This is because we are fully committed to our customers' success through our willingness to help. The days of purchasing a database and then depending on yourself to figure it out are over. Our team will be there every step of the way during the roll out, and for all of the years going forward, too.
Responsive & Interactive
Your Chamber Nation system is far more than a website and membership management system. It is a statement of what your Chamber of Commerce stands for and we take that seriously.

Wider Scope
The Chamber of Commerce is truly the broadcasting and marketing hub for most communities. As more and more people use their electronic devices to get information about the services and goods they need, the Chamber of Commerce must make sure that its community, and each of its members, continues to be competitive online. ​
Cleaner Graphics
In order to tell your community story through graphics, photography and video you need the tools and support which are fully included with your Chamber Nation program.
From robust member presentations, to interactive Google Street View maps, you will find it all inside your Chamber Nation program.

Mobile Platform Ready
Your program may include a responsive mobile-ready website like this one, but it can also include a complete mobile publishing system that you can control from right inside your Chamber Nation system.
We are talking about state-of-the-art mobile technology that presents beautifully on iTunes, Google Play, and even on HTML 5 mobile devices.​
More Features:
Members can easily access valuable member information, including attractive member marketing landing pages that are created for every member who requests at no charge.
We deliver a State-of-the-art website automation that meets the latest mobile dynamic standards with beautiful layouts and delivery.
Community news entry, scrolling website widgets with auto-expiration.
Membership directory layout options with integrated Google street view mapping services.​
Over 100 additional state-of-the-art modules.
Online system access: Enabling the public to join the organization, Register for events, Purchase sponsorships, Make donations, Online store for Chamber advertising packages, merchandise and more. Purchases are made directly from the website using credit cards when attached to any of the merchant accounts that we support including PayPal and Authorize.Net.. Our system never stores credit card information and creates an SSL connection for secure credit card transactions.
We do not take an additional fee for these transactions.
A Community Search Engine
​Most organizations that implement this program are typically the Official Organization within their communities and are charged with improving commerce.

The Official Search Network has been created to help communities easily understand what people are searching for and finding, or NOT FINDING.

As the Official Area Network expands, it becomes necessary to provide advanced search technology to find what you are looking for.

Official Search Network includes:
Advanced Business Directory
Search Engine for Businesses, Services, Deals and Calendar
Mobile Application with Directory
Mobile Application with Search Tool
Reporting and Keyword Optimization Access for Business Participants​
Community Search Engine Reporting
​1. Standard reporting and custom report writing for flexible options.
2. Network Search and No Finds Reporting
Member Benefit: If they can study the overall network and look for search terms people are using that match their services, they can then adjust their keywords for direct matches going forward.
Chamber Benefit: Provides members with highly intelligent reporting to help overall local commerce.​
3. Network Search and Finds Reporting
Member Benefit: Members can look into the Chamber network to witness its powerful presence and success.
Chamber Benefit: Traffic report to run and share with the public and prospects to easily prove the power of the membership directory.
Additional Website Member Benefits
Chamber Social Network includes Member-to- Member networking, lead distribution and referral network with point tracking for member contests; create games around the concept of member-to-member business development.
Classified advertising manager with online submittal and approval workflow. Chamber may charge for ads online.
Members only Job Board system with online submittal and approval workflow. All access mode available.
Coupon Generator with Social Multi-Post
Member Benefit: Able to centralize their coupon creation, scheduling, and publishing from a single location. Share coupons through many channels from one system.
Chamber Benefit: Creates valuable content on the member directory, website, mobile app and is another value added feature of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
Member press release submission, approval process, and website posting.​
Chamber Daily Deals and Coupon automation for members and public subscribers.
Multimedia, photos, audio and photo submission system for members and organization.
Member resource reservation automation for conference rooms, projectors, etc.
An e-learning system for creating member classes
Members may create content for classes and then apply testing options.
ChamberCLASSES ( is an advanced learning management system that is free to implement for members as part of your Chamber Nation program.
Going Green Program - Participating members automatically provided with FREE membership in the GreenBusinessChamber.Com. Participating members must be active members of your Chamber to be a member of the Green Business Chamber and may not join this virtual Chamber directory directly.
Membership Drives
​​It is imperative to understand that in today's online world s/he who owns the information wins. We know that the vast majority of Chamber members are NOT properly documented for product and services search. This will continue to hurt member businesses, and frankly, the whole community.

If you are a business in the local community and recognize this, it will be clear that the best way to get onboard is by joining the local Chamber of Commerce.

​As a result, we are pleased to introduce the third component of the Chamber Nation platform. As you likely already know, we currently offer a complete Membership Management System, Membership Development System, and now a Membership Drives System for the ultimate in member recruiting.
Election Management
The Elections feature allows an admin-level user to create an election with a variety of different questions, and send out emails to the membership to prompt members to complete the election. The election is also posted within the member's area, so those who are granted access can login and complete the election there.

NOTE: the election system is designed to allow only one vote per person. The emails sent to members will provide a link that will require them to login to complete the election.
Legislative Action Center
Once enabled, you will need to edit/maintain a list of legislators. This is done from within Member Database Admin, house members and senate members are two special record types that you will see in the view drop-down.

To set up an legislative item, log-in, then look for Legislative Action in the right column under admin functions.

​Enter the name of the Action Item (the issue at hand), begin and end dates, the details about the requests (why people should contact their legislator) then the suggested subject and message text, house/senate/both, multiple selection (whether you want people to be able to send to multiple legislators), limited members (if it’s just a few legislators that need to be lobbied, select them).

​When you’re done entering the action item, click on Submit. It will show up in the list, along with a url you can use to promote the action item. You can post this url on your website or sent out in an email to your contacts.

As people respond, the system will track who has contacted which legislator.

Resource Reservations
​The resource reservations modules can be used to allow members to reserve a resource that the association has. This could be a conference room, a party room, an LCD projector, or anything that you allow members to use for a limited time.
Member Tours
We understand that most of our customers do not have a budget to hire a sales support person. For this reason, that support is ALSO included with your Chamber Nation program.

Texting Reminders (optional)
​The broadcast text message module allows an association to send out text messages to a group of members.

After the message is sent, there is a 'status page' available for that message. It will show the progress of the message (which ones have been sent, or which ones had difficulty). Also, If the recipients choose to reply to your text, their replies will show up on the status page.
Expos All Year
​Why limit your Community Expo revenue to once a year when you can provide each business with a way to exhibit their business all year long?

We have a terrific Expo Registration system and a Chamber Assistant team that works with your expo participants all year long.

An amazing revenue generating program for your Chamber with full accountability for easy oversight and reporting.
​A curated library of high quality courses addressing the issues and problems faced by member business owners and their employees.

A high quality learning management system which houses and distributes the ChamberCLASSES to members their own employees for work knowledge and certification
Chamber Store
The online store feature allows you to manage a catalog of items and sponsorships, and allows members and/or the public to purchase them. If you have a credit card merchant account or paypal account integrated with your MMS account, it will automatically be configured with the store.

​To start using the store, the first thing you will have to do is enter items into your catalog to make them available for sale.
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Ask Sue
You: “Sue?”
Sue: “What?”
You: “I’ve got a question and I don’t know who to ask or what to do.”
Sue: “OK. That’s why I’m here. Ask away, and then we’ll either find the answer or find options for you to check into.”

As board members, committee members, and general members come and go within an organization, the challenge becomes how to share the institutional knowledge that will help the newcomer quickly get up to speed with what’s happening in the organization. No matter how dedicated and well-versed the newcomer is, there is still institutional knowledge that the newcomer needs to become a productive member of the organization.
The question I’m often asked is how to share that knowledge, and when to share it? Here are a few thoughts on how I work with this important step in positioning an organization as valuable to newcomers.

When you need advice on all those "other" kinds of things you can always ask Sue!
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Multiple Chamber Systems (optional)
​Multiple Chamber Systems is an exclusive Chamber Nation platform add-on that some may find very helpful. Especially if you have nearby Chambers that want to remain independent, but share central bookkeeping services, handle single registration for cooperative events, regionalize recreational assets, and much more.
A Chamber Game
​The Chamber GAME was created by Chamber Nation as part of its Chamber Social Network.

This network is designed for members to collaborate, post business, or community news, request proposals from other members, and trade leads amongst one another.
Visitor Center Website
Typically Chambers of Commerce like to promote their communities as areas where there are fun things to do. We think doing this shouldn't cost extra and the module is fully integrated into your membership management system.
All Backed Up with Our Amazing Support Team!